Tapping: a self-care strategy to feel calm and centred

Enjoy a new 2 hour workshop - Saturday 7th March 2020 - 12.30-2.45pm

Facilitator - Katie Walker: certified EFT practitioner, HR consultant & counsellor


Location - Stirling Community Centres - Scarborough, 163 The Esplanade, Scarborough WA 6019, Australia


The Workshop
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or Tapping is a proven stress reduction technique. It combines elements of modern psychology (exposure therapy and cognitive therapy) with somatic therapy where you tap on acupressure points.  EFT helps to alleviate distress around anxiety or challenging emotions and supports you in feeling calmer and more centered.  You may be surprised at how quickly this can work for you!  Emerging evidence suggests EFT may also boost your immune response and even your gene expression.  Join us for an introduction to tapping and learn to start using this practical self-care tool in your busy work and personal life.

Katie will share with you what EFT is, how it works, the science behind it and how you might apply it to your life. The workshop will also be offering a live demo so you can see it in action and start to experience the benefits.


Who would benefit from attending?

If you are a health practitioner or teacher and curious to know another tool to add to your tool kit or, if you are someone needing a little something to help manage the feeling of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, anger, frustration, or just a feeling of BLAH that you might experience hourly, daily, weekly, this introductory course could bring something great to your world.

About Katie - workshop facilitator

Katie Walker is an Advanced Certified EFT Practitioner (EFT International and EFT Universe) and holds a Diploma of Counselling. She combines her 20 years’ of working with people, and experience in human resources and recruitment to help people understand themselves, so they can live a happier and healthier life wholeheartedly.

'I have built my career on my love for supporting people and I find nothing more fulfilling than helping someone feel good and at peace within themselves. It’s very likely that my being highly empathetic allowed me to get the most out of my work as a recruiter and in human resources; I found that helping someone land the job of their dreams was entirely rewarding.

Working as a counsellor and EFT practitioner is a natural extension of the best elements of my career thus far.  By employing an authentic, empathetic and compassionate approach to support and guide people to reduce stress, anxiety and emotional pain my aim is to enable people to live a life wholeheartedly, with purpose, balance and fulfilment.'






Contact: +61 0433 431 486