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Our Rehabilitation Services

At Neurotherapy, we specialise in rehabilitation after strokes, head injuries, and following diagnosis of other neurological conditions. We come to you and provide occupational therapy in your home or community.


Conditions we treat include stroke, traumatic brain injury, acquired brain injury (for example after cancer and neurological surgery), Parkinson's Disease, spinal cord injury, Guillian Barre syndrome, CIDP, Functional Neurological deficits and pain.


We are all individuals.  Neurotherapy offer a range of customised therapy programs so that you can meet your particular goals and improve in the areas that are most important to you. Your program will be based on the latest neuroplasticity evidence to improve your brain’s function. It will also give you practical strategies to deal with the challenges you are experiencing. Rehabilitation programs can include cognitive retraining and upskilling, upper limb and hand therapy, perceptual retraining, learning new skills to support your emotional and mental health, functional retraining and practical support and liaison with your employer to support you in your return to work.

We recognise recovery and growth is not a linear journey

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Neurological change can cut to the core of who we are.  Fear, uncertainty and lack of trust in body or mind can lead to a natural tendency to hunker down and grow smaller in an effort to feel safe again. At Neurotherapy, we are passionate that with the right strategies and supports (cognitive, emotional, social and more), you can shift this pattern from one that is depleting towards one that is enriching and expands your world.


What you can expect at the start

After you have been referred or when we first speak to you, we’ll arrange a time to see you to do a comprehensive assessment. In our experience, having a close family member or friend present for your first visit can be helpful.


Professional relationships and collaboration

Your recovery is best served by strong communication between the team with whom you surround yourself.  We are happy to collaborate with other allied health and medical colleagues involved in your rehabilitation.  We also have strong relationships with specialist colleagues (for example Neurological Physiotherapists and Clinical Psychologists specialising in ABI) and will discuss cross-referral with you as you need it.



Call us on 0421 960 396 to discuss your needs and situation.  We are registered with a number of funding bodies. You may be eligible for subsidised therapy sessions and funding support through:


Private Health Funds

Injury Council of WA (ICWA)

Department of Veterans Affairs

NDIS – currently we work with NDIS participants who self-administer their program.