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Neurotherapy is founded on a passion for excellence in neuro-rehab – for the person who has the injury or diagnosis, their family as well as the therapists who work with them.  

Following your stroke, ABI or new diagnosis, we want you to have the right tools to support you in your recovery or management of your condition.  We are here to assist you in using new strategies and tools to thrive and live a life of meaning for you.

For allied health therapists, we are excited to support you in neuro-rehabilitation knowledge building and development of specific evidence-based skills and strategies that work for your patients and clients. Whether it’s sourcing local or national specialists in a particular modality or facilitating coaching you can access from your living room, our vision is to offer neuro-rehab learning that is dynamic, inspirational and different.  Let us know what you need – we are here to boost your professional growth and always happy to have a conversation and design or source training that works for you and ultimately means better outcomes for our patients and clients.




Hi, I'm Robyn Emmanuel and my background is as an occupational therapist specialising in neuro-rehabilitation.  My 20 years' experience has included community-based neuro-rehab in Australia and the UK, inpatient therapy in large teaching hospitals, neurology outpatients (Stroke, TBI, MS, Functional Neurological Disorders and more) and as OT for the Parkinson’s Clinic.  For the last several years, as the P3 Senior OT in Stroke / Neuro (RITH, WA Health) I provided clinical leadership and mentorship in neurology to a team of OTs and wider allied health team across south and east metropolitan Perth.  In this role I also loved being actively involved in the rehabilitation for clients with complex needs going home from the State Rehabilitation Service.  

I'm committed to ongoing upskilling and professional development to support excellence in neuro-rehabilitation.  Highlights and recent certifications include:

  • Clinical EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques / Tapping - 3 day introductory and advanced training in 2019 with Dr Peta Stapleton (Australian Clinical Psychologist of the Year 2019)

  • Functional Neurological Disorders (FND) - 1 day with Mater Dae FND team 2019

  • Relational Strategies to Treat Trauma Clients - training with Dr Robert Muller 2019

  • Working with Spinal Patients - 1 day 2018

  • Normal Movement (Bobath) - 3 weeks' 2018/19

  • Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) - 5 days with Taub Institute International Trainer Dr David Morris 2015

  • Perceive, Recall, Plan & Perform (PRPP) - Assessment & Intervention - 9 days 2015

  • Neuro-Orthopaedic Institute (NOI group) training in pain science including Explain Pain & GMI, EP3 - 6 days 2014/15

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (counselling) - Introductory and advanced training with Dr Russ Harris 2013/14

Personally, I’m driven by the desire for our clients to truly be seen and heard, for their recovery to be tailored to what they value in their life and for their therapy to acknowledge mind-body connection and the whole of who they are.

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Hi, I’m Robyn