Stroke Rehabilitation: working with complexity

Enjoy a new 2 day workshop for OTs passionate about neuro-rehab

Saturday and Sunday 2020

8:30am - 4pm


presenter - Robyn Emmanuel

location - Osborne Park Hospital


In neuro-rehab, our patients experience a period of tremendous adjustment coming to terms with life as it is now, so different from before.  For some people the emotional intensity hits early and for others it may be months or years afterwards.

As OTs we are committed to supporting our patients feel stronger emotionally and to cope as well as possible through their often challenging neuro-rehab journey.  Effective adjustment underpins their ability to make gains functionally and succeed in other areas of life. In this workshop we focus on practical strategies for OT practice to support patients to grow, find meaning and live fully.


We'll explore:

  • storytelling and metaphor to support adjustment

  • I/you/we maps and the neuroscience behind them

  • evidence for the power of the therapeutic relationship

  • practical grounding strategies for psychological safety

  • visual mapping to support seeing and striving for a better future

  • effective advocacy strategies and communication within the MDT

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